Car Dumb Dogs

April 29, 2012 § 2 Comments

Car Dumb Dogs
Steven Gowin

Sometimes car dumb dogs buy the farm. We hated a car chaser out there in the corn and beans, out on the dusty gravel roads of the Midwest.

But, terrible as the killings were, we all expected those idiot dogs to have gotten it sooner or later; what tears you up though, is whatever got into them.

Dogs are too smart to chase cars; so pride… a possession… something dark, unnatural, wrong… makes them do it. It rips the fabric of order, slashes it, really, violently.

They dart out of nowhere, fly out of hell; you hear them yelp and thump up into the wheel well making the car buck a little, terrifying and final.

Car dumb… time after time until the end… the chaos flooding in… that’s what wreaks the balance, what destroys salvation.


Note: “buy the farm“: US slang meaning to die in battle or a fatal crash.


Steven Gowin is a corporate video producer in San Francisco. Until recently an atheist, he now attends the Holy Church of Sauna and urges everyone to get in touch with the Holy Roast. 

Image: Connection, By Leigh-Anne Fraser


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