On Commenting

A short note about making comments on the published work and images here on Slice of Life.

If you feel pulled to make a critical comment on the writing, please try to keep your comments to what you feel ‘works’, rather than what doesn’t work. If there is something in the prose that isn’t working for you, and you really want to comment, find a way to phrase your words so that you encourage the writer to understand why it isn’t working for you. Simply saying that it’s not working, or stating your personal conclusion about the piece is not helpful. Asking questions is always good, and sharing how the piece/scene/line makes you feel, rather than coming to a conclusion about it (eg “it’s bad”), will support the writer to ask questions about the piece, and thus, perhaps, to delve deeper next time. And also, if you feel a piece has fallen short of the mark, why not try to do it better and submit?

Sandra Jensen


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