We publish flash of 500 words or less. The shorter the better, so long as the piece moves us. Memoir or creative nonfiction only. You can change names and tweak for effect, but make sure you retain the emotional truth of the story. Prose poems are welcome. Vignettes welcome. Make every word count. We are not so interested in essay type pieces and believe that the best memoir reads like fiction.

What we want is the mundane, the strange, the exciting, the horrifying. Stories that make us weep, laugh, or just sigh appreciatively. Stories that make us feel not quite so alone.

We are also interested in images that could be published with our flash stories. These could be photographs, line art, collages, paintings.

Document guidelines: Double space, 12 pt font, nothing fancy please. Submit .doc or .rtf or .txt files only. We can do .docx, but prefer not to. Include in the same document as your submission a third-person biography of no more than 50 words, as well as all your contact details. Let us know if you want us to publish any links to websites, twitter accounts and so on, and if you want us to publish your email address with your piece.

Please submit no more than one piece. Do not submit again until you have heard back from us. We accept simultaneous submissions and, sometimes, previously published pieces. Please indicate where the piece was published.

Image guidelines:  Preferably send files web-ready, no more than 500 pixels wide or high. Ideal size is about 480 x 480. GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF all acceptable. Send your biography and contact details in the cover letter. Send no more than three images at any one time, and wait for a response before you submit more.


Rights for All Works Accepted by Slice of Life: We reserve the right to correct usage, punctuation, and grammar problems. We may request other changes, as needed. Authors will have the opportunity to review substantive changes before the story is published.

Slice of Life asks for the exclusive right to publish your work electronically for three months from the time of acceptance. We ask for the right to maintain your work in the archives indefinitely or until you ask us to remove it. We also ask for one-time rights to publish your work in a future electronic anthology.

Authors retain the copyright to their work.

If your work is subsequently published elsewhere, we ask that Slice of Life be credited in the acknowledgement.

Please note that we are unable to pay contributors, much as we would like to. We do not receive any reimbursement for our time in creating the journal, if this changes we’ll let you know!


Image: Monk Washing, Dharamsala, by Sandra Jensen


§ 2 Responses to Submissions

  • Torrence says:

    How much are writers compensated for each submission?

    • Torrence, sadly we are unable to compensate writers at this time – we don’t make any money out of the magazine ourselves and do it as a project of love. I realise it is hard these days for writers to make living with their writing (I don’t!). But I am hoping that having your work published in a beautiful format alongside other wonderful pieces is compensation enough, and will be something to add to a query letter for other publishers who do pay. I have had over 30 stories published in literary magazines, many of them print and very good, but only two have paid, one of the two because I won a competition. If you want to only submit to literary magazines who pay writers, then use Duotrope – – to find those magazines, it’s very good.

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