Guy With The Aviator Glasses

August 7, 2012 § 1 Comment

Guy With The Aviator Glasses
Clara Brown

I heard him before I saw him, when he was checking in at the desk.  He had a booming voice. I knew he would be my patient.  He was disheveled wearing a Hampton beach baseball cap. His white hair was wispy and in need of a cut. He wore large metal aviator sun glasses. I never did see his eyes.

He was a large man, in a light blue t-shirt, neon royal blue polyester shorts and yellow socks. Sneakers on his feet.

There was something not quite right about him. He spoke slowly and deliberately with a drawl. He was having trouble hearing.

When I looked in his ears I saw something with ridges on the left. I thought it might be a piece of tubing of some sort. I grabbed it with a forceps. As I removed it, I realized it had legs.  A roach I suspected. It was stuck in some wax.


This is Clara Brown’s second publication on Slice of Life.

Image: Bolt, By Leigh-Anne Fraser


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